Check Valves

RAC swing check valves are installed to allow flow in one direction only and to be used for protecting the equipment against fluid backflow.

The swing check valves can open easily and fully to pass flow with reduced pressure drop or disturbance to flow patterns. They should also resist damage to its seat, disc hinging or guiding means in all direction during valve life, close quickly without damage or water hammer at the moment of flow stop.

RAC manufactures pressure seal and bolted bonnet swing check valves for use in different applications.


  • Body & bonnet. Available in carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.
    Heavy body wall thickness assures rigidity and resistance to pipe strain distortion. Final machining of seating and other surfaces insures good alignment of all components.
  • Seat. Inclined seat improves the performance of the valve and reduces the pressure drop.
  • Disc. The disc is self-aligning owing to a special joint connecting the disc to the hinge. A perfect fitting of mating seat surface is obtained.