Field level gauges indicators are liquid level gauges that indicates the level of the fluid inside the vessel This type of instrument are installed on any application from power industry, chemical and petrochemical, chemical and food.

The main type are: magnetic type with external indicating scale operated by float through a magnetic with the possibility of additional switches and remote indication, remote indication by means of conductivity probes with electronic unit and remote panels

Rating, materials and connections are available for any size, applications and pressure required in any industrial use

Accessories as illuminators, extension blocks for low temperature fluids, steam tracing, electric tracing and jackets, shut-off valves, quick closing operation are available on request.

In particular the range of level gauges covers:
  • Magnetic level gauges type from ambient to class ASME 2500 rating
  • Resistive level with electronic unit and local reading from ambient to class ASME 2500 rating